At 7:30 PM on Tuesday the 22nd  March ACSA’s new website went live.

The new website,, was a key project for the 2015/16 ACSA executive, after the previous domain expired and the executive was unable to retain it.

ACSA president Damian Wilks said that, “The previous domain had expired by the time we began our term. We tried to regain the domain to no avail. Thankfully we found a copy of the original WordPress document and were able keep most of the website’s original content”.

With the new website also comes new contact emails for the executive. “Whilst we will continue to respond to correspondence addressed to the outgoing addresses, we do ask that all correspondence is now addressed to the new emails.”

The new email addresses include positions as yet unfilled in the executive. Until those positions are filled, the accounts will be monitored by the secretary.

“With the website up and running, our sights are firmly set on the upcoming conference at the Benedict XVI Retreat Centre starting 24th June. In the lead up to the conference ACSA is eager to expand its base, and we expect to have representatives from Western Australia and Queensland on the executive before the conference.”

Damian Wilks also said that “This new website precipitates our plans to make ACSA a truly national body. We look forward to connecting Catholic students from all over Australia together, and truly manifesting Christ’s Church to itself and the world in a corporal way”

The new email addresses are:


Vice President:



NSW Regional Chairperson:

VIC Regional Chairperson:

QLD Regional Chairperson:

ACT Regional Chairperson:

Tasmania Regional Chairperson:

South Australia Regional Chairperson:

Western Australia Regional Chairperson:

Northern Territory Regional Chairperson:

Alumni Officer:


Media: Bernadette Meney